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About Us

Our company started out selling lavender products in farmers markets.  Soon we realized that the world of essential oils had so much to offer in natural body care. Our director comes from a health care background and has also had the personal experience of skin cancer. She is passionate about creating superior products that will be absorbed by the skin. Coalesce is the inspiration of Carol Bilodeau, a holistic practitioner from Edmonton Alberta.

It has been through the work in holistic health and in health care, that Carol gained the experience and exposure to body care needs in individuals. A desire to create products that address the body on multiple levels is Coalesces purpose. Our company believes products should be natural, smell great and be environmentally friendly. We look to nature as our reference to create homeostasis:

Feedback from our costumers and family, on how great their skin feels, and how the scents uplift, ground and relax, continues to ignite Coalesces desire to create blends to move you closer to body balance. We love the challenge to create an integrated blend that works for you as a unique individual. Through this, the community of Coalesce also benefits as we take these new signature blends and integrate them into our regular product line.

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