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Facial Cleanser - New Formulation
  • A natural PH balanced cleanser that works with the skins natural acidity

  • A small amount of cleanser mixed with water will lather well so a little goes a long way

  • Juniper essential oil helps oily skin, lavender has skin cleansing properties and fragonia essential oil is calming to the skin


  • Plant based with coconut, jojoba, rice bran oils & Kokum butter

  • Arrowroot absorbs perspiration and Magnesium Hydroxide reduces odor and is more gentle than sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) 

  • Essential oils of Lavender, or Vanilla, or Spearmint or Cedarwood or Orange or Eucalyptus

Coalesce offers a unique approach to body care. From a holistic perspective, you will feel and be nurtured on more than the level of the body with our blends. Coalesce utilizes the unique properties of essential oils, to create balance with the mind, the body and the essence.

Our approach researches the health properties of botanicals, then blends these exceptional essences to produce creams, bath blends, outdoor blends etc.

For heightened effect, our integrated blends combine the use of the science of acupressure, with specific points pressed, to access the nerve pathways on an energetic level.

Coalesce blends are environmentally friendly, multipurpose and natural. They are free of parabens, petroleum, SLS (sulfates), synthetic fragrances and are vegan.

We realize that everyone is unique. Coalesce develops signature blends to meet individual needs, upon request.

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