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As a holistic practitioner I want to bring you information on healthy skin and body and what is out there in the news. I will also talk about the Coalesce products and how they help your skin regime. Our product line is divided into 3 categories: Body care, household and outdoor care, and integrated blends.

Today I want to write about the face and body scrubs. These scrubs are for exfoliating the skin. We need to exfoliate because:

- When we remove the dead skin it helps to brighten the complexion of your skin

-.Exfoliating will help speed up your skin’s natural process for cell renewal, which gives you healthier looking skin.

- Did you know that exfoliating prevents recurrence of ingrown hairs.

- Exfoliating keeps the buildup of toxins off the skin surface preventing the pores from clogging and breakouts of acne.

- As we age we need to exfoliate more to stimulate the skin to make more new cells.

The essential oils also do their part in the scrub: Lavender and Lemon are antiseptic in nature, Patchouli and Clementine are deodorizing, Vanilla and Clary sage are very calming and balancing and Grapefruit and Lime are uplifting and stimulating.


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