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Happy spring everyone. I know we are all anxious to get some good heat and sun coming our way after a long winter. So for this month I want to talk about skin care for the face and in particular around our eyes. As you know this skin is very delicate and very thin. Women spend a lot of time enhancing their eyes with mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliners. The cosmetic industry has made makeup more durable so now we have waterproof mascara. Every night women have to remove their make up and as this is a daily regime we are rubbing the thin skin and possibly drying it out with many of the makeup removers on the market.

I decided to make a natural make-up remover because I could not find one that met my criteria: nourish the skin as you clean the skin. I wanted something that did not contain harsh chemicals and alcohol. So with ingredients like aloe vera, rose water and witch hazel (without alcohol), along with vitamins and cucumber extract I knew I was taking care of the skin while removing waterproof mascara and make up. As well I keep my products preserved with a natural preservative of radish root extract.

Today’s women are busy and want the quick and easy method. With the make up remover from Coalesce you wipe and wash off with water and you can even get away with not moisturizing if you are short of time because the aloe vera is moisturizing for the skin along with the rose water.You can check this product out at 3 leaf wellness centre. Just ask for a sample.

Also remember to feed the skin from the inside out. So eat foods that support the skin like blueberries, pomegranate and drink green white or black tea.


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